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What's more important than a deliverable? Nothing.


We love nothing more than to help innovators deliver what organizations need. We have a proven track record and enough craziness of making that happen, even under the most intense deadline pressure. We learn with you and help you when you need to develop ideas, validate with customers and scale-up with business partners.

From day 1, our main sponsor Pillar Project supports us and helps us develop a strong partners' network. Welcome Blockchain Israel, Blockchain HaSharon, Israeli Smart Cities Institute, 3iCampus and INT College!

Over the years, we served and work with dozens of cities in Europe and recently in Asia. Join us now, for developing citizen-centric services powered by the decentralized and open-source platform.

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Yossi Dan

Co-founder and Chief Innovation at Challengy and 3iCampus.

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  • Startup escorting
  • Public authorities support
  • Office hours with mentors

David Siegel

Web pioneer, author and CEO at Pillar, David stands in our board to help design what's next.

Erez r. Mizrachi

Co-founder and Chief Digital, Erez leads the marketing outreach.

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Meet Our Team

Blockchain for Cities - and why startups should care
We're a team of founders and experts who want to foster blockchain-based innovation in Israel.

After strong support given to early-stage startups in the fields of IoT, FoodTech and Mobility // we call you for a new journey on blockchain. We'll organize hackathons, bootcamps and more, so stay tuned!

calling partners

  • Blockchain education
  • Smart city project
  • Startup bootcamp

For more than 15 years, Challengy has provided innovation consulting services that organizations have used to keep on track. We know the ins and outs of open innovation, and we feel it is about time to leverage the great Israeli talents and ecosystem to reach high picks in Blockchain-based projects.

Welcome to our "TLV Blockchain Center", an Innovation Popup Lab that will gather in Tel Aviv the ones who want to make a better world powered by the Blockchain.